Francesca Mateo

FMateoPh.D. Biology & Pathology, University of Barcelona, 2009.
Supported by ICO.
Project: breast cancer metastasis.

Gorka Ruiz de Garibay

GorkaPh.D. Biochemistry, Complutense University Madrid, 2014.
Supported by IDIBELL.
Project: BRCA1 and cancer risk.

Carmen Herranz

Carmen2B.Sc. Genetics 2014 UAB

Supported by the Spanish Association of LAM

Christopher A. Maxwell

christopher maxwell gScientist Level 1, CFRI
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia
Child & Family Research Institute, Vancouver, Canada

Enrique Fernández

enrique fernandezB.Sc. Biology, University of Barcelona, 2002
B.Sc. Biochemistry, University of Barcelona, 2006
Ph.D. Genetics, University of Barcelona, 2008



Griselda Martrat

Griselda MartratPh.D. Biomedicine, University of Barcelona, 2012




Helena Aguilar

helena aguilar gB.Sc. Biology, University of Barcelona, 1995
Ph.D. Immunology, University of Barcelona, 2006

Present: VHIO Project Manager 


Jacopo Boni


B.Sc. Biotechnology
University of Bologna




Laia Gómez-Baldó

Laia Gómez

B.Sc. Biology, University of Barcelona 2002.
Ph.D. Biomedicine, "TSC and the centrosome", University of Barcelona 2010.

Present: Novartis, Barcelona


Núria Bonifaci

nuria bonifaciB.Sc. Biology, University of Barcelona, 2001
M.B.I., University Pompeu Fabra, 2008



Xue-xi Yang

xuexi 2

Associate Professor
School of Biotechnology
Southern Medical University Guangzhou, China